FileBin - Pic & Video Recovery apk for free latest version



Easy to recover recently deleted files, photos and videos!

Accidentally deleted an important photo or video? 

Now you can recover deleted videos, restore photos, undelete recently deleted apps, and other files. 


✔ Effortlessly backup your Android apps, media files & more.

✔ Instantly retrieve important files, recently deleted apps, photos, and videos.

✔ Deleted photo recovery tool - photo recovery with ease!

✔ Deleted video recovery, restored photos, or undelete any media.

✔ No need to root your device.

Backup & file recovery

FileBin works precisely like a recycle bin for your phone! Once you've downloaded the app, it'll automatically backup your recently deleted data without root privileges, allowing you to undelete files, restore photos, and recover deleted videos. 

Instantly restore deleted apps

FileBin turns app restore into a breeze. Deleted apps and photo recovery are instantaneous and straightforward — enter your recycle bin, click on the app you wish to restore, and voila - it will instantly reappear on your device. 

The freedom to make mistakes

Once you install FileBin, you receive a smart tool, which will help protect your valuable files, backup and restore photos, recover recently deleted videos or any other data!


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